My Mobile Learning

About 18 months ago, there was an internet buzz going around IT professionals “Whats on your Dock” This is where people all took screenshots of what was on their, mainly macbook, computer toolbars.  This was so that people could see what the professionals used and also to get a feel of what applications were popular.  Well today, i’d like to ask the question

What learning Apps are on your smartphone

This is my iPhone Education Apps Screen
my iPhone education app screen

So that is my iPhone.  Most of these apps I use on occasion, but some of them are always open on my phone.  Here is what I use and why.

This is my go to social app.  Its amazing how much I turn to twitter to ask questions and find out things.  It used to be that I would go on sites like stack exchange or Quora to ask questions, but twitter is my new answer engine.

They say that a picture can tell a thousand words.  Well what is better than a photo? Of course it is video.  We make use here of video and EdPuzzle and it takes it to the next level by being able to add questions at certain points to your and  assess what you students are learning throughout.  The app makes it so much easier to watch videos on the move.

With Aurasma you can create hotspots in the real world which when you point your phone’s camera at them can launch anything on the internet.  Think QR codes without having to look for the square.  This can be used almost as a treasure hunt or for inquisitive students looking for ‘hidden’ content.

Post-it Plus
This is a great note snapping app if you use sticky notes.  Just point your camera at your note or notes and when you tap, it takes a photo and can take the notes out of the photo to store on a board which you can then send to a number of apps.

What vine is to twitter, periscope is to youtube.  With periscope you can live stream video from your mobile’s camera to the internet and anyone can view it and comment in real time.  I have see some great short bits of learning content done through periscope.  Its really easy to use and feedback from users in real time is great.
This is a great app for creating a live ‘helpdesk’ type of service.  You know when you go to your energy website and need to talk to a customer service rep online?  Well this is what you can do with  We use it here for live online access to study assistants in the Learning Resource Centres.

This is the perfect replacement for sticky notes in lessons.  You can have a virtual sticky board and your students can all post their ‘notes’ to a single board.  The app makes it really easy for people to post comments and look at boards.

Moodle Mobile
Self explanatory really.  Our VLE at the college is Moodle and the Moodle Mobile app has a number of great features.  You can view many of the resources which teachers add to the courses.  All a students assignments or forum posts are pointed out and you can have notifications on the app.  Its still a little rough and there are things you can’t do, but its getting better all the time.

Office 365
It doesn’t matter what people say, Microsoft Office is still for better or worse the standard in office productivity applications and here at work we use it so i sometimes make use of the mobile applications. Although they don’t get the same use as most of my other apps on my phone.

Adobe CC
As a content creator, this is probably one of the most important set of apps I have on my phone.  I am a big user of Photoshop and Premiere Pro (Video editing software).  What the apps let me do is to take some of this work and use my mobile to capture content, create and alter assets and basically make my workflow more mobile.

Google Suite
These are my main apps I use for office productivity.  Google Chrome is my browser of choice on my phone and because i use Chrome on my mac, all my settings are synced between my phone and laptop.  In my work I use Google Drive as my cloud storage so with the app I can access all my work anywhere I have my phone.  I would be lost without many of the apps in this box.

As I’ve got older I’ve realised that I am no longer capable of remembering 1001 things I need to get done so Things is my GTD app of choice.  It syncs easily with my laptop and phone and can give me notifications of outstanding work and deadlines.  Really, I wouldn’t be able to get anything done on time if I didn’t use this.

So what is on your phone and are there any apps which i’m really missing out on?  I’d be interested to know if there are any apps which you couldn’t live without.


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