The Move to Management

After 14 years working at Sheffield College through various positions, this year I have finally moved into management.  Why has it taken me this long to make the jump?  That is a questions I’m hoping to answer myself over the next part of my career.

I think maybe it was because I like doing the steady geeky coding work without all the politics and responsibility that come with it.  It might just be that I’ve never thought myself ready before.  Whatever it is, I was told that it was about time that I step up and take a lead in my job.  Over the last decade and a bit, i’ve had many jobs here, from being ‘The Stats Guy’ for projects, the ‘The Web Guy’ for the english department and then the ‘Moodle Guy’ for the whole college to now having all that and 3 staff to look out for.  I’m really up for the challenge and i’ve had a little over 3 months in post now.

Now the thoughts racing through my head move from Why can’t this student login to the VLE to How can i show the effectiveness of this VLE for the college.  It is definitely a challenge at some points to shift my mindset to a targets focused arena, although one i’m trying to embrace.  How do I think i’m doing?  I’m reminded of my school reports..  Kieran has the knowledge and will, he just needs to apply himself and believe in himself more. My fantastic team believe in me, so perhaps it is time for my self belief to come through and show what I can do.

Heading into the christmas break I’ve got lots of ideas rolling around my head of where I want the department to be next year, things I want our team to be in the centre of and departments I want to help.  Most of all I don’t want to get to my office in the new year, look at my desk and think, There are too many screens.


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